5 P's Shopper Motivation 2019

Understanding the motivations of consumers, in an increasingly complex shopping landscape, is providing a never-ending challenge for brands.

Webloyalty has commissioned this 5Ps of Shopper Motivations Report to investigate current motivations and drivers at both a local and global level. We partnered with Oxford Brookes University, interviewing over 5000 consumers living in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and US, to understand shopping habits and the motivations behind these.

Our research identifies five key categories of Shopper Motivation:

  1. Price Motivated Shoppers
  2. Practicality Motivated Shoppers
  3. Peer Motivated Shoppers
  4. Perk Motivated Shoppers
  5. Personalisation Motivated Shoppers